about us

A team of professionals dedicated to helping housing companies thrive.

Backroom Management Services offers services, consulting and proprietary processes to help business owners become more profitable and find greater success and fulfillment.

Our staff brings over 120 years of combined experience in business ownership, financial management and sales expertise to help our clients streamline their processes and more quickly reach their goals.


Meet Our Founder

Jeff-Pic---current-2010Jeff Prager, Founder & CEO

Jeff Prager is a former CEO/CFO and owner of multimillion-dollar companies. His 40 years of experience taught him one key fact about running a business: any business can be managed with far less effort, if the owner tracks his 7 Key Numbers.

Jeff always believed that far more small businesses could succeed than the statistics suggest. But after he retired in 2007, he realized that his system for success was being retired as well.

So seven months later, Jeff put away his golf clubs and went back to work. With the weak economy making it critical for small businesses to improve their operations, he dedicated himself to helping businesses harness their books as their competitive weapon — and distill them into their 7 Key Numbers.

Along the way, he found himself developing proprietary internal software that far surpassed the capabilities of leading bookkeeping, accounting, and business management software. When a client joins Backroom Management, this software provides the power to drive their 7 Key Numbers — while giving the client themselves far more visibility and access to their numbers, dashboards, and reports than ever before.


Customer service like in the old days

Our team is here to support small business growth. We don’t outsource abroad, and we don’t turn to technology to do what human beings should be doing. When you call us, a real person answers with a friendly voice.

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. In fact, we take our cues from the way business was done back before everything became so corporate: we remember your name, we understand your needs, and we work with you to get the job done.

Learn how our team can help your team become more productive, profitable and successful by scheduling a complimentary 30-minute conversation.  Share your issues, current obstacles and long-term objectives with us and let’s see how our processes and services can benefit you.  Call 303-221-0823 to schedule a time, or email us by clicking here.