case studies

Results from our customers: the impact of Backroom Management Services

On this page, you’ll find case studies from actual Backroom Management clients. They’ve turned to our bookkeeping and accounting services to increase revenue, lower costs, and multiply the time, energy, and money they invest in their business.


IP Law Group (J. W., CEO)

BUSINESS TYPE: Legal (Intellectual Property)
SERVICES PROVIDED: Bookkeeping software, 7 Key Numbers, CFO-on-demand

This law group eliminated their dry spells, increased their revenue, improved their cash flow, and multiplied their lead generation and sales conversions 2x-3x — all using the 7 Key Numbers dashboard built on Backroom Management’s bookkeeping software.

Before they switched to Backroom Management, their business was trapped in a damaging cycle of busy peaks followed by dry spells. These cycles caused terrible cash flow problems that impacted the business’s ability to grow.

That all changed when they put their books on Backroom Management’s software and tapped the insights delivered by a CFO-on-Demand. We determined that their dry spells were caused by the fact that it took three months to turn a lead into a client — and once they got a few new clients, they grew too busy to generate the new leads necessary to create business another three months down the line.

The key to fixing this problem was the 7 Key Numbers. First, we used the 7 Key Numbers to calculate exactly how many leads they needed to generate each month to meet their profit goals. With this benchmark, this company now manages their lead funnel proactively instead of reactively. “We now monitor our profit trajectory during the month,” says the company’s CEO, “instead of looking at the numbers at the end of the month and realizing something went wrong.”

With the 7 Key Numbers powered by Backroom Management, they have experienced a surge of benefits. Not only do they have full visibility into their leads pipeline, but their constant focus on keeping it full has them generating (and converting!) 2x-3x more leads every month than ever before.

This directly helps them increase revenue, expand its client base, eliminate their cyclical challenges, improve cash flow, and create a predictable profit trajectory that they can use to make hiring decisions, impress investors, and grow the business faster.


Warehouse Developer (E. G., Pres.)

BUSINESS TYPE: Warehouse Development
SERVICES PROVIDED: Bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning

Backroom Management’s outsourced bookkeeping and accounting is half of the $60,000 cost of his old in-house controller. What’s more, we cut his CPA bill by over $27,000 AND saved him over $300,000 in taxes.

Before the owner of this development company came to Backroom Management, he was spending $60,000 a year on an in-house controller who couldn’t get the books to balance and couldn’t get the financials in on time. Which meant that on top of the controller’s salary, the company was paying an additional $35,000 a year to his CPA to mop up the mess in his books.

Frustrated with watching his bank accounts move in the wrong direction, he turned to Backroom Management. He outsourced his entire accounting and bookkeeping department to us, putting his books on our proprietary software and trusting his numbers to our expert accountants who truly understand the industry he’s in.

Today, this company pays less than $35,000 a year to Backroom Management. Not only does that save him $25,000 on direct salary costs, but we also cut his CPA expenditures by 75% by keeping his intracompany transactions in balance and preparing work papers for the accountant.

What’s more, outsourcing has increased efficiency: because Backroom Management employs highly-trained expert, he knows his financials are ready by the 15th of the month like clockwork.

Best of all, by applying our proprietary software and techniques to his production systems, we found ways to save him hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees by restructuring his transactions to provide maximum tax advantage. This has saved him over $300,000 in taxes and counting.


Remodeling and Homebuilding Co. (B. L., CEO)

SERVICES PROVIDED: Bookkeeping and accounting

Our bookkeeping and accounting saved this business owner 80 hours a month, freeing up time and energy for growing his business. What’s more, he uses our job costing systems to add 3% to the bottom line on every job.

On most nights, he would come home with his back aching and his head pounding. But despite his long day on the site, he’d still have to get on his computer to work with his books. Bookkeeping and accounting was far from his core competency, but he had no choice — he didn’t think he could afford to outsource his numbers.

Which meant that he was spending around 20 hours a week struggling over his books when he could have been relaxing, spending time with his family and friends, or investing in his business.

Now that he has entrusted Backroom Management with his numbers, the owner has reinvested his time and energy into making his business more successful. We’ve taught him to read his 7 Key Numbers to spot opportunities and fix small issues before they become big problems. And we give him a level of business advice that he never could have come up with when he was struggling with his books on nights and weekends.

Most importantly, with his foundation of revenue-driving books on our proprietary software, he was able to take advantage of our integrated job costing module. This lets him manage his production in the same system that we use to manage his finances — which gives him efficiencies and functional superiorities that add 3% to the bottom line of every single job.

With our help, this business owner has moved from working in his business to working on his business. He’s in the process of hiring a site manager to handle the day-to-day so he can focus on using his 7 Key Numbers to drive revenue, improve customer retention, and open up new sales opportunities.