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Learn the secrets of cash flow control at your own pace.  Backroom’s CASHFLO Academy takes you through the Perfect Cash Flow Cycle to show you how cash flows through your company, and teaches you how to spot trends and take actions to turn your business into a cash cow.

Note: If you are a subscriber to Backroom’s CASHFLO™ software, then the CASHFLO Academy™ is included with your subscription!  If you don’t yet use CASHFLO, learn more about this breakthrough software here.

Backroom’s CASHFLO Academy curriculum includes:

  • The 7 Numbers Program – “Managing cash flow daily through your entire business funnel” – 7 Videos + 7 Workbooks
  • The 8P’s and Strategic Planning Program- “Driving change to maximize cash flow”  –  4 Videos + 2 Comprehensive Worksheets
  • The 6 Success Factors Program – “Building your cash cow by generating long term value”  7 Videos + Workbooks
  • A well-defined action plan to show immediate results… and to continue to encourage rapid implementation
  • A 1-hour evaluation of your performance plans once the base curriculum is completed
  • A resources section that includes additional videos, articles, reports and worksheets focused on marketing, sales and more.
  • Printed fast-reference manuals and workbooks

Enrollment:  Only $149/mo.*

*Included with CASHFLO™ software subscription.

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Learn to master your Perfect Cash Flow Cycle!

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Your 7 Key Numbers tell you how money flows into and out of your company.  Learn to monitor and manage these metrics and you’ll be able to predict – and control – your cash flow.

The first system that you’ll learn to master in the Cash Flow Academy™ is your 7 Key Numbers.  First, we’ll help you identify what each of your 7 Numbers are.  Then, you’ll discover how to managing each of those 7 processes has a bearing on your business – and how to know exactly what actions need to be taken to achieve your cash and profit objectives.

But the Academy is more than just academic learning.  You’ll be given the tools you need to apply what you learn to create processes throughout your company that will make them more effective and leave you more time, energy and money.

And, you’ll be given a recommended implementation schedule to make sure your training returns fast results.  For example, you’ll be guided to:

  • Week 1:  Set your profit goal and determine how you will achieve it.
  • Week 3:  Create a 90-Day cash flow plan.
  • Week 10:  Complete the What’s Working & What’s Not analysis
  • Week 14:  Create a 2-page Performance Plan to drive actions for the next 12 months.

This is the best and fastest way to get control of your cash flow that you’ll find.

Backroom’s CASHFLO Academy:   $149/mo.

Enroll here.

Enrollment is a 12 month commitment.  Cancel during the first 30 days for a full refund for all unopened materials without further obligation.

Supercharge your learning with CASHFLO software!

All the processes and systems taught in Backroom’s Cash Flow Academy have been automated and integrated into one breakthrough cash & business/accounting software, Backroom’s CASHFLO. The software isn’t required to benefit from the Academy, but this powerful software makes monitoring and managing your 7 Key Numbers a snap.  And, it replaces other systems you’re probably already using – CRM, accounting, payroll, marketing, and projection software.

Avoid multi-system chaos by letting CASHFLO replace all those other systems with a simple, elegant and affordable solution that will work for any company, large or small. And, perhaps best of all, Backroom’s Cash Flow Academy™ is included for your entire office with every CASHFLOsubscription!   More…