Cash Flow Engineering

Which is more important to your survival, profits… or cash flow?

Your business –in fact, every business – stands or falls on cash flow.  You need cash to pay yourself, invest in marketing to bring in more sales, and keep your company headed in the right direction. Yet, generating enough cash flow continues to be cited as the #1 problem facing business owners today.

Bradley Cashflow

Jeff Prager has owned, grown and sold numerous companies, including one of the largest privately held homebuilding firms in Colorado.  In the process he’s developed a unique business management system he calls Cash Flow Engineering.

Through this system, you’ll learn the simple principles that, if applied, virtually guaranty that you’ll always have the cash flow you need – and that you’ll never have to worry about making payroll (or paying yourself the salary you deserve) ever again.

Traditional business accounting – the systems in use by millions of businesses today – don’t work; they don’t give you all the information you need to get a clear picture of where your business is now, where it’s headed and how to keep it on track. If you’re using the same outdated accounting methods to manage your business that virtually every other business is using, then you’re missing the one key element that you must have to achieve unequaled financial control.

At Backroom Management Services, the principle of Cash Flow Engineering shapes everything we do to help business not just account for their money, but actually grow revenue and generate consistent and predictable cash flow.

We invite you to let us help you align your business trajectory with your income and lifestyle goals.

This concept is so powerful, we created a brand new company: Cash Flow Engineering, LLC!

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Accolades for Jeff’s program –

“As a small business in a declining market we needed help. The experts at Backroom Management analyzed our financials, discovered our weak-points and created a total strategy that really works. With good cash flow management, efficient operations, and our business plan, we are growing rapidly and profitably. The best part is we have confidence in our business and ourselves. “
– R. Adam Feuerstein, President, Polarity Electric

“I met with Backroom Management for a business tune up. In one hour, I learned more about running my business than I did with my business coach in two years. In a few minutes, they isolated what would help my business, created a break-even analysis and then help me determine my goals. I highly recommend any business that is serious about being successful to learn about Backroom through their Business Tune up.”
– Jim Gardner, Exterior Solutions Plus, Inc.