Meet Bradley…

Bradley is one happy guy. His business is thriving, his employees are loyal and reliable, and he's got the time and resources to enjoy life with his family and to give back to his community. But Bradley wasn't always the success story he is today. He had to learn the secret like every body else.   The 'Old' Bradley... Here’s Bradley … [Read more...]

Get control of your Cash Flow

Consistent and predictable cash flow doesn’t happen by accident – it is the result of careful planning and monitoring. Backroom’s 7 Numbers processes will help you plan for and project cash flow as well as profits, ensuring that your business will always be poised for stable growth. Backroom Management Services helps businesses get control of … [Read more...]

Plan and Manage like a Super-Hero

Backroom’s CASHFLO™ software, consulting and concierge services will help you get on top of your business with real-time monitoring of key metrics that tell you how your business is performing, whether or not you’re on target to reach your goals, and areas that need your attention – all at a glance. That means you save time, energy and money. … [Read more...]

Higher Performance, Lower Risk

Use CASHFLO™, Backroom’s management and accounting software, to fine-tune your business systems. Our performance dashboards will have your business running like a well-oiled machine while our planning dashboard will help you manage risk and plan for unprecedented growth. The less you know, the greater the risk. That may sound trite, but … [Read more...]

Value your time, energy and money…

As a business owner, those are your three greatest resources. Backroom’s CASHFLO™ software, Concierge Services and online Cash Flow Academy help you conserve all three with tools and processes that will help you streamline your business – all in just minutes per day... instead of hours. It's a trap...! One that ensnares business owners by the … [Read more...]

Bridge the Gap

... between where your business is now and where you want it to be with consistent and predictable cash flow for stable growth and profits. Backroom's unique blend of financial and management controls can help get you there! Whether your business is a new start-up or a mature corporation, there are likely new goals that you'd like to reach. And … [Read more...]