Certified Backroom Advisors

Use our proven Blueprint for Success to grow you consulting business in record time.

Are you a CPA, Business of Financial Consultant looking to grow your business as quickly and profitably as possible?  As they say, I’ve “been there and done that,” and I’ve developed a proven process that allows any consultant to fast-track your growth as a Certified Backroom Advisor.

This program provides you with everything – everything – you need to build you business around core services that allow you to quickly deliver value to your clients while getting paid what you’re worth – and much more than most!

tuneupThe CBA program offers extensive training in helping your clients monitor, manage, and model their 7 Key Numbers and grow their businesses. You will harness the power of Backroom Management’s software and systems as well as add your own layer of unique skill, talent, and expertise.

As a Certified Backroom Advisor, you’ll get:

  • Our exclusive core offering, the Business Tune-Up – a nearly irresistible 1-day assessment that you will learn to perform for both new and existing clients that open the door to more extensive consulting- and have them lining up to work with you!
  • Backroom’s complete market plan and Business Blueprint – a step-by-step guide to building a lucrative consultancy.
  • Referrals from us – we get way more client inquiries than we can handle, so we pass these to our CBAs!
  • Continuous training and a peer-based mastermind.
  • Priority access to Backroom’s bookkeeping and accounting services at a rate your can easily mark up!bradley wheel

Why reinvent the wheel? Become a Certified Backroom Advisor and you’ll have a time-tested and proven process for growing your business quickly and easily.

Call us at (303) 221-0823 to learn more.

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