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Cash Flow Engineering –

An alternative to traditional bookkeeping

Early in his career as a business owner, Bradley, like most small business owners,  suffered under the impression that he couldn’t afford to outsource his accounting and bookkeeping. He hated those tasks – that’s NOT why he started in business to begin with – and he knew he wasn’t good at them. But he didn’t know what else to do… Until he learned of Backroom’s Cash Flow Engineering Services.

Backroom Management has developed an alternative to traditional bookkeeping that delivers far greater results – data that tells you not just what you’ve done, but where your business is headed – and that gives you all the data you need to effectively plan for growth and limit risk. Ever get that from traditional bookkeeping? I didn’t think so!

We help you leverage the time and energy you put into your business to gain additional business and to drive consistent and predictable cash flow.

Accounting + Management Data = Cash Flow Control

RearviewBackroom Management is an accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing company with one very important twist: our system tracks not only financial numbers, but also operational numbers. This gives us a level of insight into your company’s books that we can use, to help you monitor, model, and manage your profit trajectory to achieve your goals.

Traditional bookkeeping is like a rear-view mirror. It tells you where you have been and, if you’re lucky, MAYBE where you are. But most business owners are far more concerned about the road ahead.

Our  services illuminates the road ahead for business owners by combining financial AND operational metrics into just 7 Key Numbers. Using these 7 Key Numbers, you can monitor, manage, and model your profit trajectory. This allows you to optimize the performance of key departments within your organization and, more importantly, identify and eliminate problem areas before they cost you money.

 Services include:
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Financial and business consulting
  • Business Tune-Up
  • Exit Planning
  • What’s Working and What’s Not Analysis

Let’s begin with a ten-minute conversation…

We’d like to chat with you for 30 minutes about the vast difference between traditional bookkeeping and the level of bookkeeping we can provide for you.  Please call 303-221-0823 to schedule a free consultation with a Backroom Concierge today!