Higher Performance, Lower Risk

Use CASHFLO™, Backroom’s management and accounting software, to fine-tune your business systems. Our performance dashboards will have your business running like a well-oiled machine while our planning dashboard will help you manage risk and plan for unprecedented growth.

RiskThe less you know, the greater the risk.

That may sound trite, but traditional accounting processes are woefully inadequate when it comes to providing you with usable data for planning and growth.

That’s where Backroom’s CASHFLO™ software and Concierge Services really shine. You’ll have at your fingertips both the financial and operational data to make qualified decisions that protect your business and family, provide for stable growth and produce consistent and predictable cash flow.

Backroom Management Services helps businesses increase cash flow and reduce risk in three ways:

  1. Our CASHFLO™ software offers everything you’d want in a full-featured accounting system – plus dashboards that show you where your business is today and how to plan and set projections for tomorrow.
  2. Backroom’s CASHFLO Academy is a 26-module crash course in how to manage a business to drive consistent and predictable cash flow… and turn your current business into a cash cow. (And, it’s included with your CASHFLO subscription at no extra charge!)
  3. Backroom’s Concierge Services offer revenue-driving accounting, and let you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to professionals who will record both financial and operational data, turning your books into a ‘crystal ball’ that allows you to make better projections and decisions.

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