Meet Bradley…

Bradley is one happy guy. His business is thriving, his employees are loyal and reliable, and he’s got the time and resources to enjoy life with his family and to give back to his community. But Bradley wasn’t always the success story he is today. He had to learn the secret like every body else.


The ‘Old’ Bradley…

Here’s Bradley when he was just starting his homebuilding business. Does he look happy to you? Anything but! Bradley was spinning his wheels – working 10-hour days onsite, then spending his evenings doing paperwork and accounting until the wee hours. He was getting little sleep and actually Scared Bradelymaking less than he had been working for his former employer, a high-end contracting company.

But, like many of us, Bradley just assumed that hard work and long hours were what it took to be successful, and he was committed to putting in the time and effort to achieve his dream – a business that would support him and his family with the finer things of life.

The problem was that working ‘hard’ left him no time or energy to learn how to work ‘smart’. And the harder he worked, the deeper the hole became. He rarely saw his family for more than a few minutes at a time, so they came to resent his work because of the attention they were missing.

Of course, this bothered Bradley. At the core of his ‘Success Dream’ was the idea of being able to spend time with his family and friends, taking well-deserved vacations and enjoying life and the fruits of his labor. “If I just work a little bit harder,” he thought, “them surely I’ll be able to get on top of this business and have the time and income I need to slow down make my family happy.” But in reality, he really didn’t know how close he was to success – or even if he was on the right track to get there. And the realization that he might fail – without even knowing why – was Bradley’s greatest fear.

Does Bradley look familiar to you? Perhaps you’ve been where Bradley was. Maybe you’re there now. Then, you’ll be interested in what happens next, and how Bradley the Builder began his journey of discovery that led him to become the confident, happy business owner he is today.

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