Plan and Manage like a Super-Hero

Backroom’s CASHFLO™ software, consulting and concierge services will help you get on top of your business with real-time monitoring of key metrics that tell you how your business is performing, whether or not you’re on target to reach your goals, and areas that need your attention – all at a glance.

Bradley on TopThat means you save time, energy and money. Here’s how:

CASHFLO’s three key dashboards – the Job Profability Report Dashboard, Planning Dashboard (see below), and 7 Key Numbers Dashboard, will give you the full picture of where your business is on a daily basis… before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee each morning! What now might take you days to understand, you’ll know within minutes. And, you’ll know exactly what needs your time and attention in your business to yield the greatest results every day.

And CASHFLO is backed by Backroom’s CASHFLO  Academy – an online resource and learning center – and our Concierge Services – what we call revenue-generating accounting that keeps all your financial and operational data clearly organized and at your fingertips. So, outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to us with full confidence that we’ve got you covered.

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3 Dashboards

These three CASHFLO™ dashboards give you a daily view of where your business is today… and where it’s heading.


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