Get Control of your Cash Flow – and all Key Business Processes – with these tools and services from Backroom Management:


Educational Materials:

perpsectiveThe Peddler’s Son: How my Dad’s Tiny Business Taught me to Grow Multimillion-Dollar Companies (Paperback)

In this book, Backroom Management founder Jeff Prager augments the business wisdom his father passed down with his own forty years of experience as a CFO, CPA, and business owner. This remarkable book distills a combined 75 years of father-and-son business experience into 6 Success Factors that every business owner needs to read, learn and apply. – $19.95 plus S&H.   Call 303-221-0823 to order.


cover7 Key Numbers Video + Worksheet (DVD/CD)

Learn how the 7 Key Numbers work together and how to use them to simplify management of your business; to model the impact of your decisions before you spend money on them; and to identify how your business needs to perform to meet your profit goals. Includes video, audio, and a pre-programmed 7 Key Numbers Excel spreadsheet. $79.00 plus S&H. Call 303-221-0823 to order.


COLLAGEThe 7 Key Numbers Step-by-Step Workbooks

These resources provide everything you need to identify your 7 Key Numbers and systematically improve each one. Each workbook is a stand-alone seminar on one of the 7 Key Numbers, written by the master entrepreneur who developed the system and has used it to run multimillion-dollar companies. $479.00 plus S&H.  Call 303-221-0823 to order.


 coverWhat’s Working, What’s Not (Assessment)

This full business assessment is as comprehensive as it is simple.  It walks you step-by-step through the process of rating every aspect of your business on a scale from 1-10. Then, it helps you spotlight where you need help and prioritize your next steps. Not only is it ideal for diagnosing your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, it helps you save time, energy and money in your processes. The results:  a better bottom line.   $549   Call 303-221-0823 to order.



Consulting Services

The 7 Key Numbers Strategy Workbooks/Videos with 2 hours of one-on-one consulting

Fast-track your growth with the help of an experienced Certified Backroom Advisor. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your 7 Key Numbers and help you build your 7 Numbers Worksheet using your own data. Then we’ll show you how to use your custom worksheet to achieve maximum growth in the shortest time. An invaluable investment in your future!  – $849.00   Call 303-221-0823 to order.


7 Key Numbers Business Tune-Up (Consulting Session)

Consider what a top-notch mechanic can do for a high-performance car. That’s what one of our experienced Certified Backroom Advisors can do for your business. We’ll review your entire business model, help you complete your 7 Numbers Worksheet, and make recommendations based on industry and/or business best practices. You’ll find ‘horsepower’ you never knew you had to accelerate you faster than ever toward your goals. – $3,995.00   Call 303-221-0823 to order.


2page-business-planTwo-Page Action Plan (Strategic Guidance)

One of the hardest parts of managing a business is communicating your vision to your team.  This action plan helps you clearly articulate your goals and to communicate them to employees, vendors, and key people and to provide measurable, step-boy-step action plans to get everyone on the same page and moving forward.  Call 303-221-0823 for pricing.


 exitplanningExit Planning (Strategic Guidance)

To be successful, you need an exist strategy – a fixed point towards which you steer your business.  We’ll help you identify your financial and lifestyle goals, and then translate those goals into the 7 Key Numbers that guide your business.  An exit plan is the ONLY way to ensure that every decision you make points your business in the right direction.  Call 303-221-0823 for pricing.