Value your time, energy and money…

As a business owner, those are your three greatest resources. Backroom’s CASHFLO™ software, Concierge Services and online Cash Flow Academy help you conserve all three with tools and processes that will help you streamline your business – all in just minutes per day… instead of hours.

It’s a trap…!

TimeOne that ensnares business owners by the thousands – we spend our time doing things that add little value to the business… or that we should be hiring lower-wage employees to do – because we don’t feel we have the money to hire or outsource the job. While that is sometimes the case, one needs to ask, “Is this the most productive use of my time? Is this going to give me this highest return for my investment?”

The fact is, the we business owners tend not to place the proper value on our time or energy. If we’re ‘in the trenches’, we may be saving a dollar, but we’re investing our valuable time and energy instead.

Backroom’s revenue-generating accounting processes will help you see when it’s best to keep your nose to the grindstone… or when it might be more financially feasible to hire or outsource. We do this by monitoring, managing and modeling the 7 Key Numbers – metrics that exist within your business that traditional accounting overlooks or ignores, such as the number of new leads coming into your business, your sales conversion ratios, and average transaction per customer.

MoneyWhen you’re watching these numbers, the answers as to when to invest money to hire or outsource, as opposed to investing your own time and energy, becomes crystal clear. And that frees you up to work on your business – the real role of a business owner.

We help business owners use their time, energy and money most effectively in three ways:

  1. Backroom’s CASHFLO™ software offers everything you’d want in a full-featured accounting system – plus dashboards that show you where your business is today and how to plan and set projections for tomorrow.
  2. Backroom’s CASHFLO Academy is a 26-module crash course in how to manage a business to drive consistent and predictable cash flow… and turn your current business into a cash cow. (And, it’s included with your CASHFLO subscription at no extra charge!)
  3. Backroom’s Concierge Services offer revenue-driving accounting, and let you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to professionals who will record both financial and operational data, turning your books into a ‘crystal ball’ that allows you to make better projections and decisions.

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