We help businesses…

We help businesses achieve consistent and predictable cash flow that allows stable growth. And we help business owners get control of their time, energy and money by streamlining and automating their processes.

Why Cash Flow instead of Profits?

Bradleys BucketsThe number one problem facing business owners is that they don’t have enough cash to pay themselves, invest in marketing and sales, or reinvest in their business in order to get it to the size and value they need to have the lifestyle they deserve.

Cash flow is the constantly changing stream that is the source of all the financial (and much of the non-financial) data being collected. There’s one obsession that should occupy your mind as you run your company. That obsession should be your company’s cash flow. Not profit, but cash flow.

Why do we concentrate on cash flow and not profit? It’s a very simple picture: Have you ever tried to use an accounts receivable to pay your employees’ salaries? You can be wildly profitable on paper, but you can still be paralyzed until the checks are actually in your account. I’ve had this happen to a number of clients. It’s incredibly frustrating: The balance sheet is positive, the income statement is promising, but there’s not a penny in the bank. In fact, studies have shown that 50% of all businesses that fail ARE PROFITABLE!

Backroom Management Services helps businesses prosper by providing the tools that allow you to monitor, manage and model your cash flow by following your business’ Perfect Cash Flow Cycle, as illustrated below:

Bradley's 7 Numbers

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are just 7 Key Numbers that tell the whole cash flow story. Of course, these aren’t the only numbers that are important for you as a business owner to know, but these seven numbers are at the core of all your revenue, profitability and fiscal health. And there are three basic ways that we help you stay on top of your 7 Numbers:

  1. Our CASHFLO™ software offers everything you’d want in a full-featured accounting system – plus dashboards that show you where your business is today and how to plan and set projections for tomorrow.
  2. Backroom’s CASHFLO Academy is a 26-module crash course in how to manage a business to drive consistent and predictable cash flow… and turn your current business into a cash cow. (And, it’s included with your CASHFLO subscription at no extra charge!)
  3. Backroom’s Concierge Services offer revenue-driving accounting, and let you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to professionals who will record both financial and operational data, turning your books into a ‘crystal ball’ that allows you to make better projections and decisions.

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